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Ash Nostro Morg

Author Portrait by Kyle Fite, Poem: The Wanderer, Anglo-Saxon poem

This poem features the lamentation and musing of an exiled warrior bereft of his liege-lord, kin and land, and despite its impressive vintage it retains an incredible value to inform us even today: as a reflection upon which to ponder and also as an point of ingress towards a truth so pure and thus seldom observed in our world any longer; the overcoming of fate.

Here, the solitude and misfortune which has befallen the protagonist serves as a blessing which (though deprived of his Clan) help him overcome his mundane, cosmic-wants and instead to dwell on the glorious days of his past, providing the foundation for his spiritual reunion in the afterlife and thus conquering the innate fear of death as a force of destruction and deprivation, in favour of observing it as a gateway by which he returns to his family, to those he loves as well as a welcome and merciful release; Here we recognise within the protagonist his own personal journey as reflected within ourselves: the transience of fate embodied within the practitioner which  leads one to manifest their very own wandering and thus the resultant locomotion through the realm of the Magician to that of the Hermit.

Symmetric to my own Path and conjoined in both thought and deed, I disobey the conventions upon which present-day occultism is founded and disregard the tenets by which we each have a role to play and can only become in accordance to the parameters and archetyp es founded by the more popular cabals, in spite of the glaring inconsistencies they contain and their innately axiomatic composition.

I adopt the title ‘sorcerer’ for ease of its near-universal familiarity with other practitioners, though the reality is that I, like our fallen hero before us, am a Wanderer. My journey is not one of which mortals most often endeavour to pursue, for the path is treacherous and full of woe; yet, beyond such generous tribulation is located the real treasure we seek: the divine numina of the Gods, that acme of the Arte: the philosophers’ stone otherwise known as the Forge (of Ol’ Tvbal-Qayin).

Through such we find the entry point into greater Mystery as we traverse mortal-veils and transform within the forge to pool as molten metal within Mimir’s Well, at the base of the Tree of Life and Death; here is found Duir, the Great Oak of Ages whose boughs like wicked-tines pierce all realms of Spirit and bring to rapture the bleeding thereof. The world abridged, it is through the feast of thorns we are crowned and as such are entitled to partake the mysteries both infernal and supernal as championed by Qayin and Yeshua: the Zenith and Nadir of the Spiritual-realms of Truth and Wisdom, in direct opposition and perfect harmony to one another: the twin flames of revelation- the reaper and the magus.

My purpose is neither to be known or admired, nor is it to lead others, but rather it is one of seeking: for truth, wisdom, darkness, serenity, beauty, wonder, terror, knowledge, for these are the benisons gifted to the faithful by the Gods and Spirits and within each is contained a key which becomes active through our reception of its essence once we become resonant to its emanation.

The greatest failure we may know, the most heinous abuse we can heap on ourselves is to stop seeking and to accept mundane existence within cosmos; it is the most despicable and the evil one becomes our very own selves, for our evil is to deny the truth and power our souls rightfully yearn to taste as revelation which emancipate us from the curse of Adam.

My sorceries in harmony to the wending of my Path focus entirely upon the mysteries contained within the Sylvan realm and as a result of this my impetus is convocation with the entities of the Greenwood: the Daemonic-Arboreal host, the Fey, Elves, Shades, Worts, Dragons et al. I too invest much time and study into the Eastern Traditions particularly Zoroastrian lore pertaining to Dragons, as well as Islamic teachings regarding the Djinn and the infernal realms as written in the Qur’an; For within each is held the Key to the Gateway of Edin: the physical garden entered within Cosmos behind which in whose shadow is contained Midnight’s Garden, the Spiritual garden in which are gathered all the ancient powers of the Earth and beyond.

For this reason it is taken eponymously as namesake for a sodality over which I currently preside over and which strives to embrace the core tenet of solitary praxis leading to profound communion with the respective Genii and Spirits of various beliefs and currents. We as a family challenge and advance ourselves through mutual-understanding and wisdom.

As an individual the majority of my time is spent wayfaring the woods and forests of the land (Albion) and I am the ‘English Sorcerer’ which Teufelskunst mentions occasionally. I have also written articles for various esoteric magazines, worked for LHP publishers and hope to release my first book in the next year.

My forthcoming projects involve collaborations with Teufelskunst, CM Vaenvs Obscvra, Patrick Larabee, as well as articles in Pillars Vol I – Psychopmpos and more recently work in Pillars Vol II – The Golden Eitr. Much time is devoted to completing my MS for the future release of my book: ‘The Path of the Green Dragon”…

Below follows an excerpt of work yet to be released into the public domain. May the light of truth burn through you.

Ash Nostro Morg

“The foolish disregard Me, when clad in human semblance….” – The Bhagavad-Gita

“My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it” (17:15-16)

Text and poetry by Ash Nostro Morg. All rights reserved.

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