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Necrosophic Incense Blends of Qayin and Qalmana

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QQ Incense –
Necrosophic blends dedicated to Qayin and his twin-sister Qalmana

The ingredients for these blends are mainly inspired from the workings outlined in Liber Falxifer I and II. Characteristic for both incense blends are woods and resins, as well as fruits, leafs and flowers from thorny trees, such as myrrh, rose, whitethorn and blackthorn respectively, in harmony with the esoteric doctrine pertaining to the path of thorns, upon which Qayin and Qalmana guide their disciples. Protective and baneful, benific and venific elements balance out each other. The blends come along strong and may be mixed in equal amounts with myrrh and frankincense or copal. For further details please read my blog post from August 2015.

Available options and pricing:

  • 100 ml violet glass (UV-proof) – 31,00 EUR
  • 50 ml violet glass (UV-proof) – 19,60 EUR
  • 60 ml brown glass jar – 19,60 EUR
  • 120 ml brown glass jar – 31,00 EUR

Ask for shipping costs when ordering.

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  • X.A.’s incense blends are, in a word, magical. These Necrosophic blends for Master Qayin and His Lady exude power and fill the room with potent clouds of offeratory smoke; intense, yet subtle and layered. Both are worth their weight in gold, and are indeed very fit offerings for the Lord and Lady. Highly recommended to any Wayfarer upon the Thorny Path.

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