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The ‘belladonna’ sigil is among the oldest works in this series and a popular motif among my plant inspired sigils and has become a favorite motif for tattoos. It is an abstract vision of the deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), which is also known as belladonna and Tollkirsche in German. In the sigil I summarize folklore and personal experiences related to this powerful magical plant. It contains links to the Saturnian and martial attributes of the plant, as well as to the Roman goddess Bellona. Of course it also references the plant’s use for beautification through mydriasis caused by atropine. It also plays with the plant’s inherent symmetry and form of growth, which happens to always follow a five-pointed star, as is present in the sepals surrounding the fruit as well as the five-fold branching stems.

You can now purchase an original ensouled paper talisman with the sigil. The motif is drawn with black India ink on coffee stained paper, which has been infused with tinctures of deadly nightshade and wormwood. Each paper sigil is signed and dated on the back.

You receive an original work similar to the one shown here. Please note, that each paper talisman is unique and whilst the motif is the same, can have slight variations and differences in texture. The purple color comes from the belladonna’s own fruits and may change if exposed to sun light.

Artwork size: 10 x 21 cm

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Weight 0.025 kg

10 x 21 cm, 10 x 21 cm + 1 portion of dried herb from the corresponding plant


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