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“Berkano” Natural Birch Wood Pentagram Disc II


natural birch wood disc with bark, pyrographed by hand #2

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Natural birch wood disc with bark, one of a kind. Pyrographed by hand, with “Berkano” runes, “Witchcraft Pentagram”, intricate knot work, magical weapons and solar symbolism. Pyrographed by me during the lunar eclipse that occurred earlier in January, while 8th month pregnant. The pentagram is multi-directional and can be connected to the five elements according to your own tradition. The disc is massive, 2 cm thick and measures between 14-15 cm in diameter.

This is the second birch wood disc, two more are in the making.

About birch wood: The rune “Berkano” means birch. Birch represents fertility and new beginnings. Birches are pioneer trees – they are the first to occupy abandoned spaces and their roots, while flat, break through stone and asphalt. Birch wood is sturdy and bendable. Spears are made out of birch wood. Witches’ brooms are traditionally made of birch. The brooms are used both for the ritual cleansing of (hexed) places as well as for travelling to the witches’ sabbath. Hence birch is also a guardian of the gate to the realm of dreams and is used in prophecy. Finally, birch also contains a beneficial oil.

Keywords: fertility, new beginnings, pioneer wood, protection, prophecy, purification

With the pentacle you also receive 30 ml of my “Spring Blessing” incense

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13 – 14 cm, 16 – 18 cm, 19 – 20 cm


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