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Blackthorn Crown

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harvested and crafted during pentecost 2019

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The crowns are hand-made from blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) branches, which are harvested ritually. The thorny blackthorn shrub is native to Europe and has strong magical associations with the Crone, strife and baneful magic. The thorns of the blackthorn both shield and defend what is hidden inside, e.g. the sacred inner space of the hedge or the spiritual wisdom of a human being. The crown made from blackthorn is hence worn by magicians and shamans in baneful contexts, e.g. for performing rituals dealing with revenge and attack, but also in general protection work. Alternatively, spell work can be placed inside of it. The crown of blackthorn can also symbolize magical wisdom, experience or even mastery on a chosen spiritual path. It reminds the owner that “illumination” or spiritual accomplishment is achieved through hard work and sacrifice.

There are only a limited number of crowns available at a time. I harvest the branches once or twice a year. The crown you are receiving is made from branches gathered during Pentecost 2019.

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1 review for Blackthorn Crown

  1. bcerreta1986 (verified owner)

    I inquired about my purchase for the crown of thorns while it was months away from being available. Well worth the wait! it was a very special upon receiving my parcel today! very friendly service and am happy to give continued support! definitely purchase this item while it is still available…

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