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Dark Dead Incense

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A dark dead is the left-over soul or shade of a dead person, which for one reason or another still clings to the material plane and is up to no good. It is possible that such shade attaches itself to a certain place, specific objects or a living person, who then feels drained and tired or strange things start happening in the person’s life. These things must not necessarily be harmful, but they can be alerting and disturbing for the living. The goal will be to redeem the shade. To do this successfully, it can be helpful to find out more about the circumstances that lead to the dead still being confined to the world of the living. Once the reason is known, the exorcist works towards rectifying any possible wrong that may have happened to the dead and usually the shade will then leave and move on to the other side. A black magician however, may make use of the situation and employ the shade under the promise, that if it works the magician’s will, it will later be given salvation. This way the soul is enslaved and bound to the command of the nigromancer. Needless to say, such endeavor is dangerous and there is a high risk of the shade taking revenge on its enslaver as soon as given the opportunity to do so.

Uses: The incense is burnt to detect the presence of such dark dead and protect one’s aura, when feeling exposed to the influence of these dead. The incense has coercive and baneful properties. It further contains ingredients that are known to remove parasitic attachments and return curses back to sender. The incense cannot and will not substitute the work of an exorcist. But it can be very a effective defense when you already feel under attack.

Contains: asafoetida, black myrrh (selected resin chunks of dark color), Helleborus niger root, black mustard seed, black pepper, cloves, dragon’s blood, guggul resin, opoponax resin, rue, tobacco, sulfur

Warning: Contains hot as well as venific ingredients. Do not inhale! If used indoors, make sure the room is well ventilated. Do not leave candles or incense burner unobserved! The shade may make its malaise known, e.g. by causing material damage through fire. Extra precaution is in order.

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100 ml violet glass, 120 ml brown glass, 50 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass


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