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Dog Days Incense

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Batch from August ’18, to which have been added black henbane and field eryngo

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This incense blend is inspired by the “dog days” – the long hot days of summer. It is made mainly from baneful herbs gathered from my own garden and surroundings. The black sacra frankincense from Oman lends the blend a deep resinous, almost medicinal aroma. This incense blend is a “fuck off” blend. It smells rather bitter – like a bitter medicine. Yet it has something addictive about it; think of the smell of a fresh oil painting or the scent in an artist’s atelier. The herbs in this blend carry baneful as well as empowering properties, and can be applied in various contexts, for example when referencing the first dead in ritual. This blend is the pendant to my “Rauhnächte” incense, which is available in winter.

-An incense for Abel and the able.

Limited amount of ca. 1,1 liter. When it’s sold out it will not be available again until the coming year.

Uses: banishing, exorcism, counter-magic, self-empowerment

Contains: bittersweet nightshade, black and white henbane, black nightshade, black sacra frankincense, dark myrrh resin, field eryngo, mandrake leaf, spear thistle, thornapple, wolfsbane, wormwood

Scent: bitter, tart, resinous

Warning: Contains several venific herbs. Not for beginners.

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100 ml violet glass, 120 ml brown glass, 30 ml paper bag, 50 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass

1 review for Dog Days Incense

  1. poeticalchemy9 (verified owner)

    I use all their incense in my work and need to rave about their extreme power and enchantment. This particular one I use often with beautiful results as it sets the mood and tone for darker ritual work. Keep offering your lovely products!

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