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“Flower Devils Crete” (10 x 15 cm)


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Postcards with motifs from my occult/nature inspired Flower Devils series. Available in different formats. The postcards have round edges and the sizes comply with common post standards. Pictures taken along the shore and among the ancient ruins of an excavation site in Crete.

The honey of the bee was known to Greeks as “food of the goods”. A golden bee pendant found in the ruins of an old Minoan palace in Malia, Crete, depicts two crowned bees holding a honey drop. In Egypt too, the bee featured as a symbol of royalty. In magic, bees are often associated with wealth, health and fertility as well as wisdom. I.e. it is thought that if a bee lands on your hand, it means money is coming your way. In Celtic mythology, the bee is a messenger between our world and the spirit realm.

Use these postcards to send out love and deliver handwritten charms to your loved ones and friends.

Please leave a note with your order, if you wish for the postcard to be signed on the back (no extra cost).

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