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“Flower Devils III” (10 x 15 cm)


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Postcards with motifs from my occult/nature inspired Flower Devils series. Available in different formats. The postcards have round edges and the sizes comply with common post standards. Shown here are the latest photos in this series.

The series shows the interaction between pollinators and flowers in our garden. It started with the photo of a bumblebee on a henbane plant. Researching folklore, it occurred to me, that bumblebees seemed to favor poisonous and less fragrant flowers, whereas bees are rather drawn to aromatic and “benific” flowers. I learnt, a flower’s shape correlates with the insects attracted to it. Some poisonous flowers, such as the aconite, belladonna, foxglove and columbine are pollinated specifically by bumblebees, which are the only insects strong enough and possessing long enough proboscis to reach the bottom of the flower. Apparently the chubby bumblebee has a natural connection to so-called “witch plants”, for example the helmet shaped flower of Aconite are in shape and size made for the bumblebee.

In German folklore, witches and even the devil himself were believed to take on the shape of bumblebees. A bumblebee-wax candle was lit in church, if a witch was burnt at the stake. Evil people were cursed, having to return as a bumblebee after death. The sub-earthen drone sound of a bumblebee signaled the presence of the dead. Instead of consecrated wavers, bumblebees were allegedly served at black masses. Bumblebees were also superstitiously feared as carriers of sickness and ritually buried to drive out plague. On the other hand, a dead bumblebee worn in the pocket, was believed to ensure the purse would always be filled with money. He who managed to secretly steal the bumblebee’s honey was destined to find a huge treasure. Hence bumblebees were both viewed as good and bad omens, depending on the context and who would find it.

Besides, the “bumblebee” was originally a “humble bee”. So much for its demonic nature… 😉

Please also view the other postcards with different flowers and herbs that play a roll in magic and herbalism, being visited by different pollinators and critters, such as bees, bumblebees, wasps, butterflies etc.

Please leave a note with your order, if you wish for the postcard to be signed on the back (no extra cost).

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"Poppy Devil" – 10 x 15 cm, "Lungwort Devil" – 10 x 15 cm, "Scorpionweed Devil" – 10 x 15 cm, "Bumblebee on Viper's Bugloss I" 10 x 15 cm, "Bumblebee on Viper's Bugloss II" 10 x 15 cm, "Comfrey Devil I" 10 x 15 cm, "Comfrey Devil II" 10 x 15 cm, "Comfrey Devil III" – 10 x 15 cm


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