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“Harvest Circles” (12 x 18 cm)


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Postcards with motifs from my occult/nature inspired Harvest Circles series and still lifes of rituals with magical plants. Available in different formats. The postcards have round edges and the sizes comply with common post standards.

The photos show both traditional still lifes as well as individual textures and patterns that arise from the esoteric work with magical plants and mushrooms. They are contemplative as well as pleasing to the eye. Some of the magical materials depicted here are rare and sometimes difficult to approach. The series aims to both cherish the beauty of the Poison Path as well as delve deeper into the language of plants and the symbolism and magical properties attributed to them.

Please leave a note with your order, if you wish for the postcard to be signed on the back (no extra cost).

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"Nightshade Circle" – 12 x 18 cm, "Flowers for Occvlta" – 12 x 18 cm, "Fungi and Moss – 12 x 18 cm, "Alruna" – 12 x 18 cm, "Black Flowers" – 12 x 18 cm