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Mandrake “Long Legs”


It weighs ca. 37 gram and is about 12 cm long. In shape it reminds me of a long-legged giant or someone walking on huge stilts, striding along…

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This offer is for one live Mandragora officinarum root and one original ink drawing in A4 size. Customer receives the exact root shown here.

Note: I am yet creating the drawings. But the roots are already starting to sprout and so I have to ship them now. Hence the roots are shipped first and the artwork later. For reference please view the previous listings.

Artwork details: The drawing depicts the root from two perspectives. It is drawn with India ink on ripped paper, which has been stained with coffee, wormwood and mandrake tincture. Attention is paid to the peculiar shape and features of the root. The result is a realistic portrait, which is not only a unique piece of art but also gives the owner a reference, when the root is planted back into soil.

About the root: It weighs ca. 37 gram and is about 12 cm long. In shape it reminds me of a long-legged giant or someone walking on huge stilts, striding along. It has currently withdrawn its leaves, but new sprouts are already visible. Please take it out of its container, when it arrives, and plant it into a suitable pot. Mandrake develops long thick, often branched roots. The best planting vessels are elongate, such as the ones used for roses. Some people also grow their mandrake in tubes. Once planted, make sure to give it a suitable place in half shade. Water moderately during the season, where the root is dormant. Water more, when it starts sprouting fresh leaves. Mandragora officinarum is also called “white mandrake” or “male mandrake”. It is not as frost tolerant as the autumn mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis).

Important: Mandrake does not like to be moved or turned. If the light conditions change, it will shed leaves and has to invest additional energy into producing new leaves. Flowering may be impaired. It is hence recommended to not move the plant. In addition one can mark the North on the planting pot. When taking it indoors over winter, the mark helps to keep the plant in the same direction.

Further info on planting mandrake, soil conditions etc. is included with the purchase.

Shipping: The root and art are shipped separately. The root is shipped in soil inside of a 11 cm pot and within 2-3 days upon purchase. The art is shipped flat between two pieces of cardboard and approximately 4 weeks upon purchase.

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