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Qalmana Incense

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New batch from September ’19

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This incense is part of a series of necrosophic blends dedicated to the work with the dead and the first bringer of death, Qayin and his twin-sister Qalmana.

The ingredients for these blends are mainly inspired by the workings outlined in the Liber Falxifer book series. Characteristic for both incense blends are woods and resins, as well as fruits, leafs and flowers from thorny trees, such as myrrh, rose, whitethorn and blackthorn respectively, in harmony with the esoteric doctrine pertaining to the path of thorns, upon which Qayin and Qalmana guide their disciples. Protective and baneful, benific and venific elements balance out each other. The blends come along strong and may be mixed in equal amounts with myrrh and white copal.

The incense blend for Qalmana has an overall flowery, sweet scent and emphasizes benific aspects of Venus, such as beauty, lovingness and splendor but at the same time has also protective qualities. It contains among others flowers of angel’s trumpet, cherry, elder, lilac and rose. White copal, precious benzoe siam resin, vanilla bean etc. combined with spicy ingredients such as cardamom, coriander and clove yield an exceptional, sweet, floral mystical fragrance. Besides these the blend contains apple wood as well as whitethorn. The latter is added also to underline the twin/dual aspect of Qalmana towards her spouse, whose incense blend contains blackthorn. A small amount of blue Papaver somniferum seeds revers the queen of magical plants and adds a dark touch.

Scent: floral, mystic, spicy, sweet

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100 ml violet glass, 120 ml brown glass, 50 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass

2 reviews for Qalmana Incense

  1. suzannetol255 (verified owner)

    Another great incense. It’s smells so sweet. I’m really happy with it!!

  2. mark.azzopardi82 (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this incense!
    Presentation is impeccable and burns beautifully!
    A returning customer for sure!

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