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Sabbath Seal

“Sabbath Seal”, pyrographed by hand, on natural willow wood disc with bark, including “Walpurgisnacht” incense sample

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The “Seal of the Sabbath” is inspired by a personal Walpurgisnacht ritual, in which I came to associate this night in particular with the ophidian and batrachian animae and spirits connected to these currents both in form and essence. This is reflected in the sabbathic seal I designed for this occasion and which is now available for the first time.

The seal is pyrographed by hand, on natural willow wood discs. I chose willow wood because of its associations with the underworld and water. The discs measure ca. 9-10 cm across and are ca. 1,5 cm thick. The underside is plane and does not tilt.

The disc is perfect for charging talismans, such as toad and snake bones, stones, jewelry etc., for empowering oils and unguents or placing a ritual candle, chalice or censer with Walpurgisnacht incense upon. The disc is also suited to be used in context with deities such as Heqet-Hecate and for performing smaller rituals, e.g. for self-empowering, binding, enticing, love spells, divination etc. (I leave it here to the fantasy of the practitioner, what form these rituals could take.)

Each disc is pyrographed by hand and one of a kind. It comes with a sample of my “Walpurgisnacht Incense”.

You can also order the disc as part of a special offer with a 100 ml jar of my “Walpurgisnacht Incense”.

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For a custom design please email me at info[a]teufelskunst.com

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