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Common Thornapple

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The sigil for the thornapple is among my oldest and best known plant inspired sigils. It is an abstract vision of the white flowering common thornapple (Datura stramonium), which is also referred to as devil’s trumpet and Jimsonweed. Datura stramonium is the species of thornapple featured in European witchcraft. In the sigil I summarize my personal observations and experiences from working with the plant in meditation and ritual. It was one of the very first plant spirits I came in contact with in my art and it triggered the series that later developed into my “Sigilla Magica Plantarum”. In 2017 I was blessed with a bounty of thornapple in my garden and felt inspired to include the artwork for it here.

You can now purchase an original ensouled paper talisman of the sigil. The motif is drawn with black India ink on coffee stained paper, which has been infused with the sap from the leaves of my white thornapple (Datura stramonium) plants and wormwood tincture. The paper sigil is signed and dated on the back and comes in a small black cardboard passe-partout.

Artwork size: ca. 9 x 10 cm, passe-partout size: ca. 12 x 12 cm

You receive the exact work shown here. The green color comes from the plant’s own chlorophyll and may change if exposed to sun light.

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9 x 10 cm, 9 x 10 cm + 1 portion of dried herb from the corresponding plant, 10 x 21 cm, 10 x 21 cm + 1 portion of dried herb from the corresponding plant

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  1. Musikistgeeil (verified owner)

    Klein aber fein, sehr energetisch mit einer tollen Ausstrahlung.

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