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The Cursing Seal of Winter

natural black alder wooden disc with bark, pyrographed by hand, including incense sample + bundle of blackthorn spines

2nd batch will be available in autumn 2018

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The “Cursing Seal of Winter”, pyrographed in black alder wood. The seal is inspired by the Rauhnächte, Saturnian work and winter harvest. The discs measure ca. 9-10 cm across and are ca. 0,7 cm thick. The underside is plane and does not tilt. Perfect for charging “pins of slumber” and placing a black cursing candle or censer with baneful incense upon.

Each disc is pyrographed by hand and one of a kind. Comes with a sample of “Rauhnächte Incense” and a bundle of blackthorn spines, harvested on the day and in the hour of Saturn. Or order the disc together with a jar of “Räuhnächte Incense”.

2nd batch will be available in autumn 2018

For a custom design please email me at info[a]teufelskunst.com

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