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Incense Blends

how to burn your blend? herbs in the blend burn more fast than resins so they become quite burnt if i use with charcoal

I light a piece of self-igniting coal and let it glow through first. (I usually do this on my window bench.) Then I take the censer inside and place a tea spoon of my incense blend on it. It produces smoke for a few minutes. I wait until both the herbs and the resins are consumed. (It is true, the resins take a bit longer, so I wait until everything is reduced to ashes.) Then I brush the burnt remnants off the coal piece and add another tea spoon… I do this 3-5 times, until the coal is almost used up. Usually three times is enough. Sometimes I pick out fallen off parts, that have not been burnt fully and place them back on the remaining coal. Then I place the censer outside again, on the window bench and let it cool down over night. The next day the room smells really nice and the scent usually lasts for a couple of days, up to a week. In addition I collect the ashes for further use (e.g. for producing ‘black salt’).

So the ritual is perhaps exhausting and not as simple as lighting an incense cone or stick. When burning the raw blends it may, initially, not smell as nice as with an essential oil or perfumed incense cone. Therefore I get a long term effect and I burn only the pure, natural herbs, woods and resins. The room is cleansed thoroughly and filled with the vibrations for a long time. During the cold season and stressful periods, blends containing healing herbs and resins strengthen my immune system and help me to calm down and  focus.

Poisonous Plants and Materials

Some general advice for handling and storing poisonous herbs and other venific materials:

  • Make sure to properly label the containers in which you store your venific materials and keep the containers out of reach from children and animals.
  • Do not ingest poisonous herbs! Always wash hands after touching poisonous plants! 
  • If used in incense blends, avoid inhaling the smoke directly and ventilate the room properly or best use outdoors only. If used in magical oils, make sure the oil does not get in contact with your skin or mucous membranes. Wear rubber gloves, when applying such venific oils to amulets, talismans or other magical objects and throw the gloves away afterwards.

The dried herbs are supplied mainly as a magical add on, for use in magical incense blends, for ritually charging magical objects and for use in talismans and fetishes. I am not to be held responsible for any misuse.


“if you do not mind, i will take a picture and tag TEUFELSKUNST there and send my regards”

Yes, that is fine with me. Teufelskunst depends on the word of mouth and I appreciate customers sharing their experience with my creations, e.g. when using them in ritual and pointing others to my work. An exception is, if your tradition somehow restricts or forbids the photographing and sharing of your altar (such traditions are for example the private cult of San la Muerte, which keeps the altar and central fetish hidden from the eyes of others – this is btw. a decision made by the practitioner him or herself). I should also point out that my work and creations may not be abused for promoting any violent acts.