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Qliphotic Blends

Incense blends designed for ritual work with the qliphoth (or kliffot)

Naamah IncenseNaamah Incense

Ritual incense composed during the black or red moon. Use as an offering for the dark goddess Naamah, who is sometimes also referred to as the “younger Lilith” and ruler of the black earth and qliphoth sphere of Nahemoth. The incense blend contains various herbs connected to the darker seasons (autumn and winter) and the element earth, red pepper and flowers sacred to Naamah, such as red rose and belladonna.* Scent: earthy, warm, musky. (read more)

In the darkness of a new moon strange and fantastic flowers may blossom, and in the redness of the eclipsed harvest moon the flow of life’s currents might be reverted, facilitating the occurrence of manifestations or incarnations from the other side.

Lilith IncenseLilith Incense

This is the second incense blend dedicated to the qliphotic realm. It contains flowers, herbs and resins connected to the dark of the moon and honors Lilith as the black queen of the night side and ruler of the qliphah Gamaliel. Use this incense for general veneration of the dark goddess Lilith, in combination with the black mirror and scrying bowls and for other types of astral workings that aim at manifestations. Scent: camphorous, floral sweet, slightly morbid. (read more)

adramelech_webAdramelech Incense

The third in the series is dedicated to Adramelechthe ruler of the eighth qlipha on the tree of death. Of interest in connection with Adramelech and his qlipha are properties that reach beyond the realm of the living and this world. What lies beyond the reflective mirror’s surface? Which plants assist in opening the “gates of death” and contacting and mobilizing the souls of the deceased? The incense blend for the work with this qlipha and its ruler is therefore also necromantic in nature. The sublime king Adramelech thus becomes a dark psychopomp, who guards the gates of death and initiates the wanderer into the perilous poison path, confusing or guiding him/her through his kingdom in the sitra ahra… (read more)

The qliphotic incense comes in elegant, UV-proof violet glass jars of 50 and 100 ml size, of which the first are consecrated and numbered. Alternatively they can also be ordered in brown glass jars of 60 or 120 ml size.

For ordering please write e-mail to info@teufelskunst.com with the wished amount. I will get back to you with the full price including shipping and payment info. I accept payments with PayPal and SEPA bank transfer within the EU. These blends are also available in my Etsy shop. And if you prefer to shop on Facebook you can now add items from Teufelskunst to your cart. Checkout is easy and fast with PayPal.

*Contains some venific herbs. Only for advanced practitioners. Or message me for a customised blend.

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  • I’ve ordered this incense blend some months ago and it complements my praxis towards the Pleasent One and her mysteries perfectly. I recommend this blend to all serious practitioners!

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