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Teufelskunst Bronze Amulets

from Latin amuletum
according to Pliny “an object that protects a person from trouble”

These amulets (or medals) are dedicated to our spiritual guides and followers alike. Hand-cast in bronze and finished by hand, each one is unique and meant to serve as a long-lasting tool, potentially granting its wearer protection and power. Whether these medals will actually serve as protecting amulets is of course ultimately in the hands of their owner. They are offered here with a very basic consecration ritual being performed on them and are accompanied by a blend of wormwood, lavender, myrrh and mandrake as well as care instructions and the metalsmith’s certificate. There are altogether 33 Teufelskunst amulets:

  • 13 engraved shiny
  • 10 embossed with dark patina
  • 10 embossed shiny

In addition were made a few “Red King” amulets, which sold out fast.

Below are some photos for reference:

March 15, 2014

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