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In the summer of 2016 I began creating artwork of my mandrake plants, before parting with them. The roots, which go dormant during the summer season, were sold together with their portraits. The new owner hence received a living mandrake plant as well as an image for the plant, which spends a large part of its lifetime hidden beneath the ground. Since, I have been fostering more mandrake plants, which I partly grow from seed and partly obtain from a nursery in Germany.

The accompanying drawings revere the mystery surrounding the root and allow us to explore its peculiar shapes. The roots are drawn with India ink on ripped paper, which has been stained with coffee, wormwood and mandrake tincture. Attention is paid to the peculiar shape and features of each root. The result are realistic portraits, which are not only unique pieces of fine art but also give the owner a reference, when the roots are planted back into soil.

New roots and art will be announced here, once they are available.

For pre-ordering and reservations please e-mail me at [email protected]
(early reservations help me arrange sufficient supply)