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Years ago I began creating abstract line drawings, or ‘sigils’, inspired by nature, in which are summarized nature science, folklore and personal experiences connected to the plants and animals that surround me. Some of these works are already 10 years old. The best known is perhaps the official Teufelskunst logo, which is inspired by the wormwood herb. Another example is my sigil for the ‘black mandrake’ and the metamorphous portrait of “Regina Amandrakina”, which were both published in “Pillars Periodical, The Ebon Kteis” (Anathema Publishing, Canada, 2014).

A first print edition of “Sigilla Magica” was introduced at the London “magical Art/E” event, which took place in 2014 at the old Hackney tower. Later (still self-produced) print editions sold out quickly. In follow, I created smaller ink drawings and miniature editions with these sigils. An important aspect of these drawings is the treatment of the paper, which is infused with tinctures and corresponding extracts of natural materials. In November 2017, these ink drawings premiered as part of the “Bad Intentions” group exhibition at Gallery CIRCLE1, Berlin.

For art commissions and custom pieces please e-mail me at [email protected]