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Sigilla Magica

Years ago I began creating abstract line drawings, or 'sigils', inspired by certain plants. In these sigils I summarized the lore, botany and personal experiences connected to the plants that I grew in my own garden or found in surrounding nature. Some of these sigils are already 8 years old. The best known is perhaps my version of the 'black mandrake'. Another is the official Teufelskunst logo, which is inspired by the wormwood herb.

A first print edition of these sigils was introduced at the London “magical Art/E” event, which took place in 2014 at the old Hackney tower in London. Later (then self-produced) editions sold out quickly. I also began creating smaller original artworks with these sigils, which were included with orders or sent to friends.

This developed into a new series of ink drawings: The sigils are drawn with India ink on stained paper, which is infused with wormwood tincture and corresponding plant extracts. Along with this I also created new tinctures with the herbs I have available in my garden and in my surroundings. In November 2017 a row of these ink drawings premiered as part of the “Bad Intentions” group exhibition at Gallery CIRCLE1, Berlin. Originals and small editions are now available here.

You can also e-mail me at [email protected] for art commissions and custom pieces.