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Naamah Incense


Ritual incense dedicated to the dark goddess Naamah. The incense blend contains various herbs connected to the element earth and the autumn and winter season, as well as flowers sacred to Naamah, such as red rose and belladonna*

Use this incense as an offering for the dark goddess Naamah, who is sometimes also referred to as the “younger Lilith”, ruler of Nahemoth, the black earth and chthonic gateways.

The name Naamah appears in different contexts and is commonly translated as “pleasant one”. Another name variant is Nahema. Naamah here refers to a demonic entity, sometimes also called the “younger Lilith”, who rules over the lowest qlipha on the tree of death (adverse or reverse tree to the kabbalistic tree of life). Naamah belongs to the Sitra Ahra, the “other side”. Her qlipha is called Nahemoth and of all the adversarial or dark gods she is closest to the created world. Nahemoth is sometimes portrayed as a sphere permeated by dead tree-roots entangling with the roots of Malkuth on the tree of life: where the roots of the one tree end the other tree begins. Naamah is therefore associated with the element earth or “black earth”. Her womb is the gate through which the various inclinations of the other side exit and manifest inside the created world. Her beauty is a mask, which hides darker intentions. She is sometimes also compared to the Whore of Babalon. Besides this Naamah occurs several times in the bible, e.g.as the bride of Tubal-Qayin and as the wife of Noah. It is important to distinguish the different personalities named Naamah from the qliphotic ruler.


Scent: earthy, warm, musky

Details: 100 ml (other options available), contained in UV-proof violet glass jar, including hand-written silver-foil label

This incense is available for purchase here and in my Etsy store.

Available options and pricing:

  • 50 ml violet glass jar – 14,80 €
  • 100 ml violet glass jar – 22,00 €
  • 60 ml brown glass jar – 14,80 €
  • 120 ml brown glass jar – 22,00 €

Order this blend via e-mail and from my etsy shop

*Contains some venific herbs. Only for advanced practitioners. Or message me for a customized blend.

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