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Samhain Incense

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back in stock – amber, fresh pine + fir resin from the forest, juniper, mugwort, oak bark, rosemary, sage, thyme, vervain

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This incense blend is dedicated to the rituals surrounding Samhain and the dark days leading up to the winter solstice, when the sun reaches its annual nadir. The seal adorning the incense vessels is inspired by harvest symbolism, cycles and alchemical ideas surrounding the four elements.

The ingredients for this blend are the herbs traditionally associated with protection and healing, as well as the opening of the gates to the spirit world. Its fragrance and ingredients are linked in particular to the sylvan realm. It is no secret that the forest can effectively heal and strengthen a weakened or sick person.

The pine and spruce resin in this blend have been gathered by myself in the forest. They have an intense resinous, woody aroma. The thyme, sage, juniper and rosemary come from our own garden. The mugwort too, has been gathered by myself. When burnt, the blend develops a strong white smoke and is best used outdoors or in a well ventilated area. If used indoors, air out the room afterwards and then enjoy the scent, which will last for days.

Scent: woody, herbaceaous, balsamic

Contains: amber, juniper needles and bark, mugwort, oak bark, pine and fir resin, rosemary, sage, thyme, vervain

Use: Use this incense blend for cleansing, healing, protection and communication with the spirits. Its fragrant ingredients evoke in particular the spirits of the wild/ sylvan realm and may aid in re-connecting with the spiritual world of the forests and wilderness. It can also be used on the “Totensonntag“, for  contacting one’s ancestors and for protection from “Wiedergänger” (revenants).

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100 ml violet glass, 120 ml brown glass, 30 ml bag, 50 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass

2 reviews for Samhain Incense

  1. brburl (verified owner)

    As a child I attended Catholic school in the 50’s, which meant attending mass every school day. Occasionally, there would be a full Requiem High Mass. This was before Vatican II which meant that Gregorian music was sung in Latin. More importantly, however, it meant the use of incense. At a particular point in the ritual, the incense was placed in the censer and the priest then took it and began swinging the censer in order to spread the white clouds of enchanting fragrance, and as it reached me I was engulfed in bliss and I was totally gone for a timeless period only to be brought to the mundane world be the jostling of my classmates. I so look forward to those funeral masses.

    Much to my delight, surprise, and pleasure the Samhain Incense, so many years later, did something almost no other incense has done since my childhood, it invoked much the same response, which I now recognize as being “between the worlds.” It is, of course, a very different incense from what was used in the church. It is a rich, lovely and beautifully balanced mélange of scents, appropriate to its name and season. It is an excellent tool for the Craft.

    (Also, thank you for the Vervain.)

  2. Musikistgeeil (verified owner)

    Erdig herber erfrischender und kräuteriger Duft
    Die Räucherung vermittelt ursprüngliche Natur
    Ein Genuss für diesseitige und jenseitige Geister. Ein wahres Kraftpaket das vom Körpergefühl Waldige Heimeligkeit auslöst und einem den Zugang zu tiefer Meditation erleichtert oder vieleicht sogar erst eröffnet.

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