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Winter Solstice Incense


new batch finished December 2019, ready to ship now

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This incense blend is dedicated to the rituals surrounding the winter solstice and the longest night of the year, when the sun reaches its annual nadir. At the same time the winter solstice marks the turning point and signals the sun’s rebirth in the months to follow. But before the light of the sun regains power, people first had to survive the long and cold nights following the winter solstice. It was a time spent at home, by the hearth, and rituals were performed to protect the home from death and sickness.

The incense shall hence serve, for once as a magical protection against the evil spirits of the “Wild Hunt”, which are thought to rise from the underworld during this time of the year and bring havoc and death over the world of the living. On the other hand it contains powerful herbal ingredients, which act as potent astral door-openers and guide in communication with the spirits of the forests and nature, e.g. in dream or meditation. It can be burnt when calling forth the “reindeer mother” of Northern shamanic traditions or evoking other, winter related entities.

The incense and cervid design adorning the incense vessels references both Old and New world winter folklore, from sacred deer mother to “Wendigo” to horned master of the sylvan realm and so forth.

Part of the ingredients in this blend have again been gathered by myself. As we experienced a period of intense autumn and winter storms, I could collect fresh wind-swept branches, which to me have especially powerful magical qualities. I literally let the wind guide me in composing this blend, which soon turned into another ode to the forest (for comparison see also my Samhain incense). The blend contains leaves and needles from evergreen trees such as holly, pine, juniper and yew, as well as bark and wood from deciduous trees that are traditionally part of yule rituals, such as ash and birch. It also contains metasequoia needles – an unusual conifer, which sheds its foliage in autumn. Once thought extinct, then rediscovered, this tall tree  is a strong symbol of rebirth and longevity. Further, I included ingredients connected to Northern regions and shamanic traditions, such as aromatic Siberian fir needles, healsome chaga mushroom and inebriant wild rosemary (Ledum palustre). Lastly, amber, myrrh, first grade “green hojari” frankincense and sandarac resin complete this wintry blend, which is indeed all about the trees and forests, nature cycles, winter legends and the throne of North.

Use: Burn this blend during a long meditation,dream and trance work accompanying the longest night of the year, yule celebrations, winter sacrifices, for protection, communicating with the ancient spirits of the forests and wilderness, purification, renewal and healing.

Contains: amber, ash leaf, birch bark + leaf, burgundy pitch, chaga mushroom, sibirian fir needles, ‘hojari green’ frankincense, holly leaf, juniper, metasequoia leaf, mistletoe, myrrh, oakmoss, pine needles, sandarac, yew needles, wild rosemary, wormwood

Scent: coniferous, fresh, herbaceous, like a winter walk through the forest

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100 ml violet glass, 120 ml brown glass, 30 ml paper bag, 50 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass


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