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Summer Solstice Incense


refined formula with bistort root and green Hojari frankincense

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This incense blend is dedicated to the rituals surrounding the summer solstice, when the sun reaches its annual zenith. The ophidian seal adorning the incense vessels is inspired by the viper’s bugloss (Echium vulgare) herb.

The ingredients for this blend are the herbs and flowers traditionally associated with the summer solstice. The incense blend evokes a vision of a blooming meadow at dusk: bushes of blue flowering viper’s bugloss cover the ground and transform into serpents. Plantain, thistle and St. John’s wort grow beside it. Nearby, the fragrant yellow flowers of the evening primrose glow in the evening light and emit their sweet scent into the sweltry air, attracting the most wondrous kind of fairy folk…

Use this blend for divination, purification and letting go of the old, for protection, renewal, celebrating the night, inspired dreaming and creativity. The blend can also aid in decision making: cast out the serpent as a symbol of “evil” or embrace it as a symbol of wisdom and become a serpent yourself.

Contains: amber, bistort root, chamomile, copal (white), dammar, evening primrose, frankincense (Oman white + Hojari ‘green’), mugwort, mullein, plantain, shed snake skin, St. John’s wort, tansy, vervain, viper’s bugloss, wormwood, yarrow

Scent: aerial, herbaceaous, balsamic, unfolds its true scent when burnt

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100 ml violet glass, 120 ml brown glass, 30 ml paper bag, 50 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass


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