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Rauhnächte Incense


natural incense, with ritually harvested ingredients, for cursing spells etc.

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This baneful incense blend is inspired by the “Rauhnächte” – the longest and roughest nights of winter (usually referring to the 12 nights following the winter solstice). The ground is frozen, icy storms sweep over the land and evil spirits are thought to rise from the underworld. During these nights the “Wild Hunt” was thought to wreak havoc on earth. People feared these nights, associating them with death and sickness. Sick and old people were at a higher risk to pass away, and while the living would pass, the dead were feared to return. This unruly time of winter was also connected to a reversal and sacrifice of power and life in different forms. The Roman “Saturnalia” and the Norse “midvinter blót” shall serve here as mere examples.

The sorcerer makes use of these baneful currents, by channeling and redirecting them. The incense blend is hence composed of baneful herbs, ritually harvested from my own garden and surroundings, observing the nights and hours of Saturn and Mars. It further contains ingredients gathered after a series of devastating autumn and winter storms. The ingredients are chosen based on their magical properties as well as certain botanical features and form of growth. The black sacra frankincense from Oman lends the blend a bitter resinous, almost medicinal aroma.

This incense blend is the pendant to my “Dog Days” incense. It smells again spicy and bitter. Burning this blend, will trigger fearsome visions, pain and suffering in the target. Use this blend where- and whenever you aim to establish and direct baneful currents, curse an enemy or want to return a curse and send it back multifold to its sender. It can also establish and strengthen a powerful magical shield around oneself and assist in working ritually with the “Isa” rune. The design adorning the incense vessel shall aid here as a non-verbal instruction and inspiration. Besides, a disc with the “Cursing Seal of Winter” pyrographed in black alder wood, can be ordered along with the incense, or purchase the disc separately.

The blend is not tied or limited to the actual “Rauhnächte”, but can be used during any time of the year. The amount however is limited and available only once a year.

Uses: attack & defense, banishing & exorcism, death spells, Mars-Saturn work, calling upon death and winter related deities such as Hel or Holda/Perchta, ritual work with the rune “Isa”

Contains: blackthorn bark + thorns, black alder cones + twigs, black elder bark + corymbs, black henbane leaf + seed, black pepper, black sacra frankincense, dark myrrh resin, blue spruce + yew needles, stinging nettle, wormwood

Scent: cold, sharp, resinous

Warning: Contains venific herbs. Do not inhale! If used indoors, make sure the room is well ventilated. Not for beginners.

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50 ml violet glass, 100 ml violet glass, 60 ml brown glass, 120 ml brown glass, "Winter's Curse" black alder sigil disc


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