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new seed boxes to go online June 11th, 2018 – for pre-order contact [email protected]

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The wooden seed boxes are a special offer to customers, who tend their own witch garden. The boxes are available once a year and contain seeds from ~50(+) different venific and benific ‘witching’ herbs.

The box lid is pyrographed with the “Sigillum Major” or “Greater Sowing Seal”, which is also the official logo of Teufelskunst. On the inside the box is pyrographed with the “Sigillum Minor” or “Lesser Sowing Seal”. In addition, each box has its number pyrographed at the bottom. The boxes are stained blood red, sanded and varnished. Hundreds of little paper bags are labeled and filled with the seeds, which I partly gather by myself and partly purchase from other gardeners.

I am step by step continuing the series, which with time has become a tradition of its own. Included in this is also the research on new herbs and compiling info texts. It is a tedious but also rewarding process, which gives me the chance to connect deeper with the herbs and brings new inspiration. I learn how the seed for each herb looks and what it requires to break its dormancy.

It is my hope that the content of these boxes will bring joy to others and aid them in their own studies. Printed sowing instructions in tabular form are included with each box. Extent info on each herb and its cultivation are provided on my herbal blog.

Note: Please respect that these boxes are a special offer, which is available only once every year, usually in spring or autumn. During the time I invest into these little treasuries I put other work aside. I hence have to sell them, once finished, as fast as possible. You can email me to be added to a reservation list for future seed boxes. If you pay in advance you can be sure to receive one of the next batch.

Update, June 2018: Boxes #45-50 are now available – 2 sold, 4 left

For reservations and custom work contact info@teufelskunst.com

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