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The New Year

… started with an eclipse, one of four that 2011 will see, and I picked up practice again, working esoterically for the largest part.

Some of the things currently manifesting are a row of ensouled paintings connected to plant spirits. At the same time I am researching and composing articles on all the herbs I am dealing with. That means in practice also, that each herb and seed bag offered here comes from plants that I have grown by myself or that have been gathered in small amounts from surrounding nature. To test myself I have begun selling seeds privately on eBay and all the positive feedback on the quality of seeds and growing success encourages me to pursue my goal of expanding the Teufelkunst garden…

Artistically I am heading in a new phase as well, specializing in the manufacture of figurines and fetishes as well as paintings. But good things take time and all that is offered here is 100% unique. This means in other words no piece of art you find on this site is to be found anywhere else. And if you decide to purchase from me you get exactly what you see and nothing else. The price for this is patience and sometimes long waiting times. E.g. a custom skull or statue might take up to 6 months to be completed. So it is up to you, the customer, to know what you want and whether you are able to wait that long. On the other hand sometimes a unique piece of art might be just worth the wait. I am of course also striving to develop in my craft and methodology in hopes to become faster.

Lastly I may sporadically feature trusted esoteric artists and Left-Hand Path practitioners. I am also always interested in networking with experienced craftsmen and sellers.

Contact me at info@teufelskunst.com

One more thing, you can reach me now also on tumblr and facebook

Happy New Year!


January 5, 2011

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