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Incense Blends


These incense blends introduce a series of items dealing with the qliphoth. these ritual incense blends are designed for honoring the spirits of the night side. They are created specifically for the ritual work with the spirits of the sitra ahra and address the darker aspects of the magician’s perilous path towards self-realization… read more

IMG_20150922_164134Necrosophy and Nigromancy

Basic and advanced incense blends dedicated to the dead, underworld deities and the folk-magical saints of death. Use these incense blends in daily or weekly veneration, for propitiating, asking favors, for contacting the deceased in ritual or dream. Specific necromantic blends may also aid in advanced working that aim at manifestations… read more

IMG_1598thumbIncense of the Dead

These incense blends are used in ancestral worship and for contacting the dead in dream, e.g. to receive advice about the future. They are helpful in times of mourning, overcoming the loss of a loved one, contacting the dead in dream and general ancestral veneration, as is practiced in some traditions. Both blends can be adjust with fitting herbs, and used e.g. to appease or employ the dead in different ways… read more

IMG_1686webSakura Yume 

This most exquisite incense blend contains costly aloeswood, sakura blossoms, white lavender, benzoin siam resin etc. and is my personal “if all else fails” agent. I made it recently for myself and for my dad, who was extremely moved and emotional over receiving it. He does not burn it as incense but simply enjoys smelling on the incense glass. The blend itself is inspired by a dream of flying – an intense and surreal experience. Imagine… read more

midsummerincense_webSummer and Winter Solstice

These incense blends center around the sun. There are blends both for winter and summer solstice rituals, as well as different sun themed blends for bringing positive vibrations into one’s home and life, for strengthening the aura and aiding in meditation. All blends contain ritually harvested herbs and various precious resins. For more info proceed here

Teufelskunst incense blends can be ordered via e-mail and the Teufelskunst Etsy store. Note: some blends are only available via this website.

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